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Our Mission

To Provide our Clients with Quality consulting services, On Time, and at a Fair Price.

To Stand on our Reputation for Value Added Services to our Customers.

Company Profile

Arnold Associates is a small business founded in 1993 to use its broad-based Engineering and Management experience culminating 30+ years of Research, Product Design & Development, Production Engineering & Management, Materials & Operations (including Contract Manufacturing) experience to provide our clients with Knowledgable, Talented, State-of-the-Art Solutions to their daily business challenges.

At Arnold Associates, Consulting Relationships take one of three forms:

  1. One-up Projects. No matter how small the task, how uncertain the goal, or how urgent the need, Arnold Associates' personnel are here to complete your project... one project at a time... on time and at the agreed upon price.
  2. On-site Contract Engineering &and Mangement Services where Arnold Associates provides on-site staffing of a functional position within your operation for an agreed upon term or until a contractual objective or goal is completed.
  3. Full Turnkey Consultation. This is the usual form of relationship which usually starts with a comprehensive "Needs Assessment" and is followed with a detailed Proposal for Services. The proposal may recommend both on and off site Investigation, Measurements, Analysis, Program Development, Engineering, Design, Procedure Writing, Implementation, Employee Training, and Follow-up Services.

Within the above consulting schemes Arnold Associates works with you in one of two Modes of Operation:

  1. Arnold Associates works with you to Transfer Technology & Program Administration and Management to you and your staff such that we leave you and your staff fully capable and in control of the program. We work ourselves out of a job.
  2. Alternately, Arnold Associates works with you and your staff on an ongoing basis Retaining Responsibility for day-to-day Operation and Success of the Program working both on and off site.


Arnold Associates was started in 1993 by John Arnold, our principal consultant, to provide engineering measurements, design of "engineered controls", and basic industrial hygiene services to both industrial and business clients specifically in the areas of Occupational Health & Safety and Hazardous Materials & Wates.

Although these service offerings continue today, Arnold Associates found itself working to change those elements of business mission, organizational structure, managerial preparation, quality planning, process design, and so forth which were themselves the root causes of subsequent health and safety problems...the causes of low profitablity, ineffective productivity, and low employee morale. In many cases they were the cause of ultimate business failure.

Mr. Arnold himself brings 40+ years experience in Research, Product Design & Development, Manufacturing & Production Design, Layout, Setup & Management, Industrial & Business Operations Management and Entrepreneural Start up & Restructuring, Occupational Health & Safety Engineeing, Program Development, Industrial Hygiene, & Mangement, & a diverse background in Manufacturing &anp; Industrial Engineering, and Quality Assurance.

So, Arnold Associates, utilizing this broad scope of industrial and business experience, began a full-services offering focussing on designing your operations for success starting with the introduction of new products or services through the design and setup of the "technology engine" (your plant & facility, your materials planning & delivery systems, your value-added services, & formal quality assurance systems) leading to fullfillment to your end customer.


ARNOLD ASSOCIATES is a small busines with a large scope whose aim is to provide you with a total solution which results in a significant advantage over your competition in a single source. To accomplish this goal, we may use our network of independent Associates to buffer our knowledge base and to offer you additional capacity...often key to meeting your requirements and needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our Associates are a diverse group of multi-disciplined independent professonals who work under the umbrella of ARNOLD ASSOCIATES who remains soley responsible for seamlessly meeting your requirements.

Our Associates include but are not limited to the following areas of specialization:

An example of our use of associates might be in the areas of Hazardous Materials where we use Chemists, Haz Mat Specialists, State Certified Laboratories, & Local Administrative Agency contacts to ensure the broadest level of fully competent expertise at your service. We have a significant source of other professionals with whom we have a working relationship when necessary to ensure quality service at the best price to you.

Note well that Arnold Associates use of other professionals will be transparent to your project and to our business relationship in that Arnold Associates remains fully accountable for our performance agreement with you. You'll never hear us "pass the buck" for an associates' poor performance. We do however pass on your complements to our associates for a job well done!


Arnold Associates

848 Airport Road

Monterey, CA 93940-5446 USA

Telephone: 831-373-6061

FAX: 831-373-6092

Email: Information@arnoldassoc.com
Alternately, fill out our Information Request and take a few minutes to tell us about your needs.

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